Z-Vibe Brush Tip Combo

Item # 150515
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Use your Z-Vibe to help take care of a user's teeth with this helpful extension kit. The Z-Vibe Brush Tips are designed to provide dental care and oral massage for young children who are currently using a Z-Vibe. The softer Brush Tip has pliable bristles that provide gentle gum massage and teeth cleaning. The harder Brush Tip helps prepare and transition kids to a regular toothbrush. This item is a highly useful resource for both therapists and parents.

Both brush tips provide varying degrees of sensory stimulation to the tongue, gums, cheeks, palate, and lips. The added vibration of the Z-Vibe can have a soothing and calming effect for children with mouth sensitivity and sensory challenges. Each tip is durable and non-toxic. They are constructed of medical grade resin and contain no latex, phthalates, or lead. They are made in the USA with materials and colors that are compliant with the FDA.