Wiggle Seat

Wiggle Seat

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The sturdy Wiggle Seat is a great choice for students with attention troubles.These seats are strong enough to sit or stand on. Parents and educators alike can appreciate the quality construction and clever, therapeutic design.

Wiggle Seats have a wide variety of educational and developmental uses. Stand on them to work on balance and coordination skills. Sit on them to help with focus and attention in the classroom. This activity is great for strengthening students’ core muscles and encouraging good posture. It is also a fantastic choice for students who need an energy outlet.

By sitting on the Wiggle Seat, students are free to shift and fidget as much as they need to, without disturbing those around them. This can help students with attention difficulties stay on task and engaged with home and classroom activities.

Each sturdy disc features a smooth side and a knobby side for more sensory stimulation. The knobby side provides a slip resistant texture for gross motor exercises or extra sensory stimulation for active seating.

The adult seat is 15" in diameter. The child size is 13" in diameter.

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