Antimicrobial Wiggle Seat

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$20.99 - $24.99
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The Antimicrobial Wiggle Seat features a specially designed coating to protect against germs. This helpful sensory cushion is perfect for providing a focus boost! It is designed for students who have trouble sitting still to provide a calming and focusing energy outlet. Relieve anxiety and build attention management skills with this quiet, unobtrusive activity-- great for the home or the classroom! For further cleaning, just wipe the seat with a cloth or wipe.

One side of the sitting disc is covered in tactile nubs while the other is smooth, making it easy to swap between the two and find the one that works for you! An easy to use inflation pump allows you to fill your wiggle seat to any pressure you like. With these customization options, the Antimicrobial Wiggle Seat can easily accommodate a wide variety of kinetic seating needs! Choose between small (10.75”) and large (13”) sizes.

Small size recommended for ages 3-7. Large size recommended for ages 6-adult.