Water Lily

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The Water Lily gross motor set provides a beautiful nature inspired opportunity for your students to develop gross motor and balance skills. This set features a variety of textured surfaces that are visually pleasing and provide tactile input.

OTs love the versatility of this set. Use it to create a variety of balance challenges. You have one connector that is straight just like a balance beam. A second curve connector allows you to create hills and valleys for your students to climb over. Each side of the beams items features a different texture.

Four “lily pads” are stackable and connect these pieces together so that you can create a variety of gross motor challenges. Start out with your students walking across a straight bath, then add a valley, next a hill, then stack the lily pads to create a variety of sloping challenges!

Its perfect for individuals looking for high quality gross motor equipment that can be used both indoors and outside.

This set includes: 4 Water Lilies 21" x 21" x 6.5" , 1 Flat Bridge 46" x 11" x 2", and 1 Curvy Bridge 46' x 11" x 6.5".  

Max load: 88 lbs.

Recommended for children ages two and up.