Topper Zilla - Sturdy Chewies for Aggressive Chewers Topper Zilla - Sturdy Chewies for Aggressive Chewers

Topper Zilla

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The Topper-Zilla is the perfect chewy pencil topper for aggressive chewers. This sturdy chewy features interesting textures and easily slides over a pencil. Use it to help Kids With Autism, ADHD, or Sensory needs self regulate or calm down.

Ridges and bumps make this pencil topper a great way to provide super tactile oral motor feedback for aggressive chewers. Use it in the classroom or at home-- perfect for helping special needs students focus during homework, tests, and academic exercises. Say goodbye to chewed pencils with the Topper-Zilla!

This item is made in the USA using an FDA approved TPZ (Thermo Plastic Zillastomer) polymer. The FDA has ruled that TPZ is safe for use in the mouth.

This item is guaranteed with a 90 day no chew through warranty. 

Size 3" x .2 x .2

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