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Item # 212561
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Theraputty is a brightly colored non-toxic putty that's a favorite therapy putty for OTs and teachers.

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Theraputty has been a favorite of Occupational Therapists for years. Children enjoy developing their fine motor skills working with different resistance levels. This brightly colored, non-toxic, non-sticky putty is fun to mold and stretch, hide coins or small toys and play hide and seek! Use it on by itself as a fun fidget or use it alongside other activities for added variety. There are so many possibilities to explore with this versatile putty!

Theraputty is made from a silicone polymer and is gluten, latex, nuts, egg and soy free.

Theraputty comes in it's own plastic container for easy storage. This sensory resource is a must have for your therapy room or for the child who needs help developing the fine motor muscles in their hands and fingers.

Your choice of XX soft resistance tan (item #212559-T), X soft resistance yellow (item #212560-Y), soft resistance red (item #212561-R), medium resistance green (item #212562-G), firm resistance blue (item #212563-B), and X firm resistance black (item #212564-Black).  Each color offers a different level of firmness, allowing you to cater to the child's finger strength and customize accordingly. 

It is also offered as a 6 pack set of all the resistance levels (Tan through Black, item #212565-6 pack).  All colors come in either a 2 oz. or 1 lb. size.

Made in the USA