Sound to Light Panel

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Building vocalization skills is so much fun with the cutting-edge Sound to Light Panel! This amazing panel listens to the sounds students make and turns them into vibrant LED patterns that change and respond to every noise. Get students talking, clapping, shouting, and more with the help of mesmerizing visual reinforcement-- it’s so much fun to watch and see how your sound will become light! Use this for fun activities or just let students play and explore to build vocalization, creativity, confidence, social skills, and so much more.

Five modes-- three automatic and two sound-activated-- make this panel so versatile and perfect for any sensory space. Adjust sensitivity and speed with the helpful adjustment knobs for even more customization! Cutting-edge LED technology ensures this unit’s colors stay vibrant for years of active use without requiring bulb changing or maintenance.

Mount this unit to a wall to ensure stability. Plugs into a standard 110v outlet. Adult supervision required.

40” W x 25” H x 5“ D
Weight: 30 lbs