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Social Conflict Set

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This educational kit combines the Social Conflict Game and the accompanying Social Conflict Workbook to help students build conflict resolution skills.

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Discover effective conflict resolution techniques and nurture healthy relationships with the Social Conflict Set. This educational kit combines the engaging Social Conflict Game and the accompanying Social Conflict Workbook to empower students with crucial cognitive and behavioral skills for resolving conflicts. Developed by renowned psychologist Berthold Berg, Ph.D., these resources offer a dynamic and enlightening approach to fostering social growth.

The Social Conflict Workbook introduces students to important cognitive and behavioral concepts and conflict strategies. Activities are designed to help students practice recognizing conflict sources, assuming personal responsibility, understanding others' perspectives, disputing aggression-justifying beliefs, anticipating consequences, utilizing assertive communication, and exercising problem-solving skills. With each activity, the workbook stimulates critical thinking and self-reflection.

The Social Conflict Game provides an immersive and interactive learning experience, guiding participants through the acquisition of seven fundamental cognitive and behavioral conflict resolution skills. With over 200 cards, this game facilitates the understanding of conflict sources, instills personal responsibility, promotes perspective-taking, challenges aggression-justifying beliefs, encourages thoughtful consideration of consequences, models healthy assertive behavior, and cultivates effective problem-solving abilities. Through engaging gameplay, students develop the tools needed to navigate social conflicts with confidence and maturity.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.