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Sentence Building Dominoes

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The Sentence Building Dominoes set provides a kinetic learning experience for beginning readers. These concrete manipulatives provide visual supports to help students learn parts of speech. The dominos are color coded with 46 blue nouns and endings, 28 light blue pronouns, 56 orange verbs and endings, 38 yellow adjectives, 20 green adverbs, 18 purple prepositions, 10 red conjunctions, and 12 white punctuation marks. 

With 114 double sided dominos you have enough words and punctuation marks to make hundreds of sentences. Use this set to make silly sentences, unscramble sentences, or play “what’s missing?” The dominoes are easy to manipulate- they measure 1" x "1 up to 1" x 1.75" and are made of sturdy plastic. 

This set includes 144 dominos and a plastic storage container.

Recommended for ages 6 and up.


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