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Item # 410150
Price: $135.99 - $229.99

Our OT designed Relaxer weighted blanket is portable yet effective. Great for autism & sensory needs.

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The relaxer is a travel size weighted blanket that provides convenient calming input in the classroom or community. Its patent pending design provides deep pressure evenly across your lap, chest, and over the shoulders.

Designed for years of use this blanket features high quality soft cotton that’s double stitched for maximum durability. It’s weighted with phthalate free non-toxic PET pellets making it both safe and washable.

The weights are sewn in pockets throughout the blanket providing even pressure when you wear it. It comfortably fastens behind your neck with a hook and loop closure.

Made in the USA 

 XS 35-79 lbs 16" x 41" 5 lbs
S 80-110 lbs 19” x 39” 8 lbs
M 111-140 lbs 19” x 45” 12 lbs
L 141 lbs and above 21” x 49” 16 lbs
XL 180-220+ lbs 27" x 50" 25 lbs