Real-World Skills: Being Safe

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Whether it’s an emergency situation or simple household safety, knowing how to react to dangerous situations is important for everyone. In Real-World Skills: Being Safe, readers are taken through a variety of lessons and scenarios to build vital safety skills. Written in simple, accessible language with helpful full-color pictures, this volume is designed to entertain and engage readers as they learn skills such as calling 911, food safety, how to use a first aid kit, avoiding risky behavior, reading signs, putting out fires, wilderness safety, and much more.

Each lesson includes helpful fill-ins and worksheets to help students think about how they can apply each safety technique in their own life, protecting both themselves and others. With these simple, practical skills, students are empowered to build independence and prepare for emergencies both big and small. By reviewing possible dangerous situations ahead of time, students can prepare to respond to danger, take action, and avoid dangerous situations in the first place.

Reading Level: Grades 3-4
Interest Level: Grades 6-12