Reagan's Ride

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This item is designed to work with On the Go Swing Frames ONLY.

Now you can provide your special students a swinging hug with the Reagan's Ride swing! This therapeutic item provides vestibular stimulation along with calming pressure to create a unique sensory experience. Swinging on Reagan's Ride is a great way to help overstimulated or energetic students calm down, focus, and relax. Allow the user to sway on their own or with the help of a teacher or therapist.

The soft sides and back along with a cushioned seat provides increased deep pressure for enhanced sensory stimulation. The inside of the seat features soft microfiber fabric that feels soft and soothing to even the tactile sensitive. The outside of the seat is constructed of high strength synthetic canvas that ensures this item will last for years. Spring clip connectors make it easy to attach this seat to your swing system. (Swing system not included.)

Small: Seat Bottom is 12" x 12" 22.5" height
Large: Seat Bottom is 17" x 17" x 30" height

Weight Capacity: this swing is designed for the On The Go Swing systems. Max load for OTG 1: 150 pounds, OTG 2: 250 pounds, OTG 3 300 pounds.

Please note: this item does not qualify for free shipping.