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Raised Line Paper

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Subtle raised lines on this paper provides a wonderful tactile guide for writers. 50 sheets - Help handwriting today!

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Provide a tactile guide to help struggling hand writers stay within the writing lines. This paper features subtle raised lines on thick paper to help with handwriting success. Each set includes 50 sheets.

You have your choice of several varieties.

Narrowlines paper has a 3/8" space between raised lines.

Widelines paper has a 5/8" space between solid lines, with a dotted lines guide. Teachers love to use this paper to help teach line orientation and help with spacing.

The Extra Wide lines paper features a three-space, four-line format that helps students writing letters that extend below the baseline. A helpful dotted line guides students as they write half-space letters. The blue shaded area provides a visual cue to help break up writing lines.