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Practical Practice Math

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Help students become competent and confident shoppers! Use this workbook to provide additional practice at home or in the resource room.

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Develop math skills and life skills at the same time with Practical Practice Math! These binders are full of reproducible worksheets and activities to help your students learn to understand and solve real-life math problems. Subjects covered in the binders include: comparison shopping, coupons, quantity discounts, budgeting, tax calculations, and more. It is designed for students working at a 3-5 grade reading level with an interest level of grades 4-12.

Using real-life situations students must decide whether to add, subtract, multiply, or divide to solve problems. Your students will learn the skills they need to order from a menu, figure the total of a bill including tips and tax, create a budget for a trip, and more. This is a very practical consumer math curriculum that can also work as a supplement to your curriculum, resource room practice, or as supplemental homework.

Applied Math Skills include: multi-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication & division, money, time, measurement, percent, decimals, and fractions.

Binder 1 Contents Include:

  • 6 Math Categories
  • 180 Pages of Word Problems
  • 22 Pages of “Learning Tools” Helper Pages
  • Teaching Suggestions
  • Answer Keys
  • Resource CD

Binder 2 Contents Include:

  • 5 Math Categories 
  • 20 Full Color Folders
  • 80 Pages of Word Math Problems
  • 20 Pages of Comprehension Questions
  • 22 Pages of “Learning Tools” Helper Pages
  • Teaching Suggestions
  • Answer Keys
  • Resource CD


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