Practical Practice Math Binder

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The Practical Practice Math Binder is full of reproducible worksheets and activities to help your students learn to understand real-life mathematical problems and how to solve them. Topics included in this workbook include: comparison shopping, coupons, quantity discounts, budgeting, withholding tax, and more. This is a very practical consumer math curriculum that can also work as a supplement to your curriculum, resource room practice, or as supplemental homework.

This program covers a wide range of math skills. Students will gain an appreciation for the practical application of math as they solve real-life story problems. They must decide whether to add, subtract, multiply, or divide to solve the problems. Other math skills included in the exercises involve money, elapsed time, measurement, percents, decimals, and fractions. Some of the problems are simple, one-step problems while others involve multiple steps that require students to think about the problem.

To introduce students to key concepts and solve word problems, 21 bonus reference pages are included on the resource CD. These pages include a list of key terms, step-by-step instructions for multi-step word problems, measurement conversion charts, and more. 

This 180-page binder features worksheets with real-life word problems that are organized by categories such as Best Buys, Math in the Mall, Career Math, Math at Home, and Money Sense. The included Resource CD includes the contents of the binder in PDF format, a complete list of skills and Common Core State Standards, plus over 20 bonus activities, reference pages, blank checks, deposit slips, and more.

Designed for students working at a grade 3-5 level with an interest level of grades 4-12.