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Do you need a fun, educational new book for teaching visual association? The Pigs in Space interactive reading book uses visual strategies to teach beginning readers to associate pictures with words. This book features a fun animal theme and is sure to become a new favorite among parents, therapists, and teachers!

To use this book, students simply attach 3 picture/symbol cards on each page to illustrate a sentence using an animal's name, a preposition and rhyming word. This activity teaches many vital skills including reading comprehension, association, prepositions, and much more. Kids will love to complete sentences as they look at the adorable, animal themed illustrations.

This sturdy, full color, laminated book with 2" x 2" Velcro-backed pictures teaches students identify, label, and sequence as well as learn to read. Designed to support IEP goals based on extensive needs assessments from special educators across this country, this book will help you reach your goals.

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