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Musical Touch Wall

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This incredible interactive sensory item is a wonderful addition to any special needs classroom, therapy center, or sensory room! The Musical Touch Wall provides compelling visual and auditory feedback to simple touch input, providing calming stimulation that users will enjoy. Choose between a wide variety of modes for hours of engrossing musical fun!

Use the Musical Touch Wall to teach cause and effect, motion tracking, color recognition, shapes, motor skills, hand eye coordination, and so much more. The soft LEDs pulse, light up, and change color as a direct response to touch. This product is designed to last for years to come with no need for bulb replacements, making it virtually maintenance free!

The control panel at the top of the touch wall allows you to adjust the wall to fit any user. Change the light colors, the speed of the effects, how long the effects last before they fade, and the volume of the sound effects. Choose between a wide variety of interactive modes featuring shapes, numbers, finger trailing, ripples, splats, and snakes. Students will love to touch and explore all of the mesmerizing light effects!

Also available is the IRiS-compatible Musical Touch Wall! Great for slotting into existing IRiS systems, this option allows the Musical Touch Wall to be controlled with any IRiS Talker (not included). Synchronize your whole sensory room from a single easy to use hub, or even create unique skill-building activities-- with the IRiS system, there are so many new ways to use your sensory equipment!

Size: 37” x 31” x 13”

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