Life Skills: Everyday Life Reading & Writing Binder 2

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Develop your students reading skills further with The Everyday-Life Reading & Writing Binder Level 2. This item covers more advanced material than the Level 1 binder and will   
help your students develop important life skills while improving reading comprehension and practicing writing.

This Binder covers many reading skills that are necessary for living independently and understanding your surroundings. Use this helpful binder in your reading program for students to learn how to read directories, maps, guides, invoices, labels, forms, and bills. There are fun-filled practice pages throughout the binder to reinforce the skills taught with lots of activities for learning. An answer key is included in the back of the book.

This is a 3-ring open and close binder making it easy to reproduce worksheets.  Each section is tabbed with a label making it easy to keep organized.  A helpful CD with reproducible pages and Core State Standards is included. 166 pages

CCSS Level: 3-5