Life Skills: Everyday Life Reading & Writing Binder 1

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Teach your students vital real-life reading skills with The Everyday-Life Reading & Writing Binder. This extensive binder is designed to help develop reading skills while providing life skills practice. Some of the tasks covered in the exercises include: reading the newspaper, instructions, schedules, websites, and emails. Many of the pages are also filled with fun activities for learning. A helpful answer key is included in the back of the book.

Take your reading intervention program to the next level by also developing life skills. This excellent resource uses research based activities that are approved by Common Core State Standards. There are many tasks we do every day that special learners need to practice to master. With the help of this binder, students will learn how to apply reading skills in their everyday lives.

This is a 3-ring open and close binder made for easy for copying. Each section is tabbed with a label. Plus, there is a CD that has printable pages and Core State Standards. There are 166 pages in this binder.

CCSS Level: 3-5