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Jungle Trail

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The Jungle Trail takes balance beams to a new level with lots of configurations to challenge students.

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Let’s go play in the jungle! We can go for a walk along a path.  We can climb over branches and leaves while exploring!

The Jungle Trail gross motor set takes balance beams to a new level. This innovative set features logs that have different sides to walk on- one side is flat and the other, convex. You can give your students very different challenges when using both sides in one path.

There are two different tactile patterns on the logs. The tactile patterns provide sensory input to your students’ feet.

The logs can be placed above or below the bases, allowing you to create a wide variety of configurations and activities. Children can walk with two feet next to each other instead of one in front of the other like most balance beams.

The Bases have an anti-slip grip for a safe and stable path. A helpful user guide includes lots of configuration ideas you can use to challenge your students.

The set is designed for ages 2 years and up.

Maximum load: 132 lbs.

This set includes: 4 Bases – 18.3”L x 7.7”H x 7.3”W, 3 green and 3 light brown logs – 23”L x 5.4”W  x 3.6” H