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I Like Birthdays...It's the parties I'm not sure about!

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This simple book explains to children why parties can be overwhelming with simple, child friendly illustrations. A parent/teacher favorite!

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Special occasions such as birthdays should be enjoyable times.  However, for many kids with special needs birthdays can quickly move from fun to over whelming.  Read this book with your child to help them identify some of the reasons why birthdays might not be fun.  For example, your child may like balloons, but looking at them may make them anxious because it hurts their ears when they pop.  As you begin to understand your child's stressors you will be able to plan and prepare for a birthday that is sensory friendly and fun for everyone.

Use this book to educate and build empathy with siblings, typical peers, and family members.  Special educators will appreciate that it's written with very simple straightforward text. Each line of text is supported with full color, kid friendly illustrations.  This is a perfect resource for preschool and elementary age students.