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Granny's Candies

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Your students will have fun collecting “candy” tokens as they meet their speech goals developing their vocabulary.

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Have lots of fun building language skills playing Granny's Candies. This game is designed to develop vocabulary, target WH questions, practice turn-taking, maintaining a topic, and practicing conversational exchanges with peers.

To play students choose a question card and answer the question. Next they roll the die, and pick a "candy" from the jars. The player with the most "candy" at the end of the game wins. This game is highly recommended by speech therapists and lots of fun to play.

This set features eight categories with 672 word-meaning cards that cover the following areas: what belongs together, what doesn't belong, give a describing word, how are they alike, what do these have in common, what is this used for, how are they different, and give an action word. Recommended for ages 7-12.

Set includes: l game board (18" x 18"), 672 word-meaning cards, 144 "candy" tokens, 58 page lesson guide, card holder, and die.

Recommended for ages 7-12.