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Dressing Frames

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Our Dressing Frames are great for parents, teachers, and therapists alike and are a wonderful tool for teaching a variety of essential self-dressing skills. By practicing on these simple, easy to use frames, you can help prepare students for greater future independence. This set is a great resource for parents, teachers, and therapists. Sturdy construction means that this set is sure to last.

This set of four sturdy dressing boards will help your students practice essential developmental skills. Loop and tie a shoelace, push buttons through fabric holes, zip up a zipper, and pop snaps into place-- all of these activities perfectly reflect the real-life dressing, making the lessons and skills gained immediately applicable for students. Use these Dressing Frame to work on fine motor skills, independence, coordination, and more.

WARNING: This toy contains a cord and/or string. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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