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Dimple Digits

Item # 640022
Price: $19.99

This sturdy cause and effect toy makes a great travel toy for kids with autism.

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Do you have a child who loves to press buttons, or explore cause and effect toys? If so they will love the Dimple Digit. Teachers and parents will love this extremely sturdy cause and effect toy that features colorful silicone bubbles that are incredibly satisfying to pop.

Each digit is embossed with the numbers 1 through 10 along with the matching word in English. Flip it over and the word is in Spanish with the appropriate number of embossed dots so that you can feel and count!

Use this item as a sturdy fidget in your car while traveling or as a calming cause and effect item in your classroom. Use it to teach colors, counting, or work on number recognition.

Recommended for kids ages two and up.

Size: 9" x 9" 1.5"