Saddle Roll Therapy Ball: Peanut Shape for Special Needs

Cando Peanut Ball Anti-Burst Therapy Ball

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This ball features a unique peanut shape that provides the opportunity for dynamic seating with the benefit of added stability. Your students can sit on the ball without the fear of rolling off to the side since the wide design provides lateral stability.  This is an excellent choice for those with stability or gross motor challenges who may have difficulty on a standard round gym ball. The thicker material make this a durable choice for schools and gyms. 

Max Load: 300 pounds

Yellow Ball inflates to 15.8" high 35" long Height for people Under 53 inches.
Orange Ball inflates to 19.7" high 39" long Height for people  54" - 60 inches.
Green Ball inflates to 23.6" high 43" long Height for people ~ 61" - 69 inches.
Red Ball inflates to 27.6" high 47" long Height for people ~ 70" - 76 inches.
Blue Ball inflates to 31.5"high 51" long Height for people ~ Over 77 inches.

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