The Universal TriOn Grip!

Posted by Kate Gladstone on Apr 23rd 2019

Many adults on the spectrum develop intense interests in a certain topic. For Kate Gladstone, it was handwriting. Kate is a world renowned handwriting expert and the creator of the Tri-On grip.

We love this grip for many reasons:

  • It is designed by a handwriting expert.
  • It is discreet for inclusion students
  • It is universal and more!

Kate created the Tri-On by adapting several designs and implementing into one design. You can use it with any handwriting program. Its versatile and non confining. Its flexible, triangular, and comes in different sizes. You can choose from small, medium and large. You can also mix and match shape sizes to customize for the perfect fit. It fits many different writing tools such as pens, pencils, stylus, brushes, etc.

Great for the Classroom

Some grips are highly noticeable and make students feel like they stand out from the rest of the class. The tri-on grip is a unique subtle design that was made to be cool or fun to have. It was created with the idea of “something that you is that you can turn them inside out silently, making them a perfect classroom fidget. These are perfect to help with fine motor skills! wanted to have”. Plus the triangular design, keeps pencils from rolling off your desk. A fun added plus to these grips

Additional Uses for the Home

Tri-ons have extra uses for household items. You can use them with household utensils, and other household items. You can use different color grips to help individuals identify their own items. For example if you have a charging cord, you can place a green tri-on grip on the cord to signify that this is your cord.