Shark Tank's Vibes Earplugs Are Helping Sound Sensitive Students on the Autism Spectrum

Posted by Jamie Sherwood on Aug 24th 2017

Foam earplugs and over-ear earmuffs have long been the standard methods for making individuals on the autism spectrum that are sensitive to sound more comfortable in loud environments. While they do block out the loud noises, these methods also make it impossible for individuals to hear anything at all, which can be a safety concern, and, along with the stigmatization of their sometimes bright, bulky appearance, can inhibit social interaction.

As avid concertgoers, we originally set out to create a type of hearing protection that was ideal for concerts: an earplug that allowed music lovers like us to enjoy live music and hear it clearly, while protecting our hearing health. Instead of blocking and muffling sound we created Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs (click here to order) to filter acoustics. Our Vibes lower the volume of your environment to more comfortable levels, while still allowing you to hear clearly.

We were lucky enough to have our product featured on ABC's television show Shark Tank in early 2017, which exposed Vibes to millions of people around the country, and the exposure resulted in something we never would have imagined. After appearing on the show, we received hundreds of emails from individuals on the autism spectrum and their parents telling us how much our Vibes Earplugs were helping them!

One individual on the spectrum told us, "I love Vibes. I wear them everywhere. One of their best qualities is that I can hear someone speaking to me close up while still muting the ongoing horrible background roar."

We are thrilled to help individuals on the autism spectrum experience life more comfortably, free from the pain and stress that can comes from being in loud environments!Ever since we first started getting emails about how helpful Vibes' are helping individuals in the autism community, we haven't looked back! We want everyone to know how Vibes can make loud environments like school cafeterias, shopping malls, airports, sporting events, parties, etc. more manageable.

The video below is a CBS news story about how Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs have been helpful in allowing individuals on the autism spectrum and their families to participate in activities they otherwise couldn't, due to their sensitivity to sound.