Sensitive Sam: a Book for Kids who are Sensory Sensitive

Mar 9th 2017

Do you know a sensory sensitive child who is trying to understand themselves or starting Occupational Therapy? If so, Sensitive Sam is the book for you! This helpful book is based on my experience working with my son who has experienced both challenges and successes when it comes to Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

Children will enjoy reading about Sam as he engages in several sensory situations at school, home and at the Occupational Therapist’s office. Children with sensory issues will be able to relate to Sam as he explains from a child’s perspective what it’s like to have SPD. Professionals and family members can use this resource to start open communication about sensory challenges and ideas for coping.

Best of all, Sensitive Sam also includes a quick reference guide to Sensory Processing Disorder with a glossary of helpful terms and website resources mixed in with its rhythmic and expressive language and bright illustrations.

The book offers a unique conclusion: using tools to help manage sensory challenges a child can become more comfortable in sensory surroundings, and a child who feels different isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A great resource for parents and professionals who are looking for a way to comfort and reassure sensory sensitive children.

Marla Roth-Fisch is the author and illustrator of Sensitive Sam and Sensitive Sam Visits the Dentist.