Bounce Your Feet -- Improve Your Focus

Oct 24th 2018

Many students on the spectrum who exhibit challenging behaviors often benefit when given the opportunity to experience sensory relief when they are at school and at home.

One unique sensory tool is the BouncyBand. Unlike many other sensory tools that students hold in their hands, these attach to a chair or desk legs. This allows students to keep their hands free to do their classwork.

For students who have trouble sitting or focusing BouncyBands provide a quiet and non-distracting movement opportunity. They quickly train a student’s feet to automatically reach for the band when they need some sensory relief. This gives students a positive and quiet tool they can use to stay seated and engaged in learning. Best of all, they are often unaware that they are even using it.

A Clemson University study by Jennifer Bailey Bisson, Ph.D. found that students stay on task significantly more using BouncyBands improving concentration and test scores.

Teachers around the world have been pleasantly surprised how effective BouncyBands are with students. They have reported that:

  • Their students are feeling less uncomfortable, frustrated, or anxious using the BouncyBands.
  • Students are able to self calm quickly and quietly without distracting others. This instant self-stimulation prevents many students from escalating their behaviors.
  • Students are often able to overcome their reluctance to get started with their work since bouncing on the band creates a "getting the ball rolling" or "priming the pump" phenomenon.