Are Spinner Fidgets Good for the Classroom?  

May 9th 2017


No doubt if you are reading this you have seen or heard about the Spinner fidget. It’s marketed as a “fidget to help you focus”, yet as I write this many schools are beginning to ban them from their classrooms.

We offer the Push N Pop Spinner and they are a great tool for commanding focus. You hold them between your fingers and its hard to stop watching them. 

They make a great distraction toy to keep kids occupied while you eat dinner or are in the community. 

Unfortunately, when you bring them into the classroom, many students focus on Spinners instead of their teachers.

What makes a good classroom fidget?

Fidget toys are popular tools for teachers and therapists because they help students focus, absorb more information, self-regulate, and provide a calming influence. 

Good fidgets for the classroom have the following qualities:

  • - they get hands and fingers moving
  • - often feel interesting and feature an interesting tactile quality.
  • - are discreet and usually fit in the palm of your hand.
  • - won’t distract others in the classroom or workplace.

You can see all of our fidget toys here.