4th of July Social Story

Jun 29th 2016

4th of July Fireworkds

We love social stories. Feel free to use the following simple social story to prepare your special students or child with autism for the 4th of July fireworks show.

Every year we celebrate my country’s birthday on the 4th of July. We celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks. Fireworks are a fun way to celebrate.

Sometimes fireworks make loud noises and have bright lights.

If the fireworks get too loud I can cover my ears with my hands or put on my ear muffs.

If I don’t want to look at the bright fireworks, I can close my eyes or look away.

I can watch the fireworks up in the sky or I can watch fireworks on the ground. If the fireworks are on the ground I will not touch them. I will let an adult light the fireworks so that I will be safe.

If I am scared, I will hug my mom or dad. Hugging my mom or dad might help me feel safer.

After the fireworks end, I will clap. I will be happy that I got to see the fireworks.