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Better Board XL Slant Board

Item # 120101
Price: $26.99

This large, durable slant board is lightweight and great for helping kids with handwriting and hand positioning.

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Learning how to write and use a pencil can be difficult or uncomfortable for some children. Slanted surfaces are a great way to help encourage motor development in this area. The XL Slant Board 12" x 18" inclined surface area is manufactured of lightweight yet sturdy corrugated plastic. Surprisingly durable and lightweight, the 20 degree angle of the slant board helps handwriting and hand positioning.

By angling the page towards the user, our slant boards encourage better positioning of the arm and shoulder. This also brings the page closer to the user, allowing for easier reading without eye strain. This way of writing not only promotes dexterity and neatness, but also helps kids develop good posture.

Use this helpful tool to encourage fine motor skill development in your home, classroom, or clinic. A metal grip-clip holds paper securely in place so that students won't become frustrated by slipping papers. This handwriting slant board folds up flat for easy storage.