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Bean Pods

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Pick up, hold, or scoop up the Bean Pods to build hand strength, fine motor skills, problem solving, and more.

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Bean Pods are a colorful, legume-themed set designed to encourage sensory and motor skill development. Each Pod contains three stackable beans in a variety of colors, tactile textures, and resistances. Use Bean Pods for sorting, mixing, and matching activities, or just let students have fun! The large size of the pods gives children a tactile sensation akin to playing with a giant bean, engaging the senses and fostering imaginative play. This unique sensory activity adds whimsical fun and novelty to stacking and sorting!

The pods themselves offer many ways to play while building fine motor skills. Children can use them to pick up, hold, or scoop up the beans, enhancing hand strength and stability while building fine motor muscle tone and coordination. Combine the beans with the pods to create structures big and small! The beans themselves offer even more challenges with their different colors and patterns, making stacking a delightful and educational experience.

Pod x 3 (green, light green, translucent) - 7.28" x 2.76" x 2.09" (L x W x H)
Large Bean x 3 - Ø 2.17" x 1.46" (H)
Small Bean x 6 - Ø 1.77" x 1.10" (H)