Baby Trampoline

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Provide infants and toddlers with safe, bouncing fun with the Baby Trampoline! This therapeutic tool has been designed with the child’s safety in mind. Two stabilizing handles allow kids to hop up and down without losing their balance, and a bright red rubber cover provides protection from the metal frame. The spring sheet is elevated less than five inches from the floor to ensure that falls are harmless and easy to recover from. Now even the youngest kids are free to bounce and play as they work on motor skills, balance, core stability, and more!

Most young children are too light to feel the springing effect on a regular trampoline. The Baby trampoline has been specifically designed to account for this and allow even the smallest kids to have fun and bounce! This is a great way to help children work on building vital coordination and balance skills while still being so much fun.

 Recommended for ages 0-5. Weight limit: 50 lbs.