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Alphabet Marks the Spot

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Have tons of kinetic learning fun with the Alphabet Marks the Spot game! This versatile set is designed to support eight different games moving young learners from recognizing letters to phonics to spelling. These fun active games can be played with one student or the whole class. Use this game to support a variety of academic and IEP goals. Use it as a fun interactive academic game that can support social goals of interacting with others, understanding appropriate space between individuals, taking turns, and more. Use it to support your gross motor goals of balance and coordination. This will become a fun activity for your inclusive classroom, social skills group, or adaptive PE program.

This set includes one sturdy 4.5’ x 4.5’ vinyl mat, 5 inflatable cubes featuring full color common objects, game markers and an activity guide. This set is perfect for Pre-Kindergarten and early elementary age students.

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