Interactive Idioms Discussion Binder Interactive Idioms Discussion Binder Interactive Idioms Discussion Binder Interactive Idioms Discussion Binder

Interactive Idioms Discussion Binder

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Idioms can be funny, but they can also be really confusing! Idioms are especially hard to understand for many children with language delays and English Language Learners. The Idioms & Their Meanings Binder is designed to teach idioms in a fun interactive manner. It contains a total of 108 illustrated idioms paired with illustrations of their meaning. There are two sections to this set:

Part 1 Interactive Illustrated Idioms
This section includes 48 idiom cards. Your students will enjoy pulling off the top hook and loop card to reveal the matching illustrated meaning of the idiom beneath it. This section includes a total of 96 different illustrations.

Part 2 Illustrated Idioms and Their Meaning
This section includes 60 different Illustrated Idioms and Meaning pairs on 14 pages. Each page has four illustrated idioms paired with the illustration of the literal meaning of the idiom next to it. You can use two attached interactive “Reveal Cards” to cover half of the page to gradually pull down and revel the illustrations below following discussion.

Designed by an SLP with over 30 years of experience this set also includes a detailed instructor guide with sample scripts and teaching ideas. Each page and card is laminated and will last for years in your classroom or therapy center.

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