Clementine’s Great Big UH OHs: Preparing for the Unexpected

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It’s the night before her birthday party and Clementine is determined not to let any “Uh-Oh”s mess up her party plans! But, sometimes things happen that you can’t predict– readers will enjoy learning along with Clementine that even when you plan, unexpected things can happen. 

The world can be full of unexpected challenges that trouble children and adults alike. Teaching children how to deal with disappointment can be difficult– Clementine’s Great Big UH OHs approaches these hard topics in a sensitive, engaging, and enjoyable way to help readers learn to cope with uncertainty and surprises. 

This 40 page full color picture book is designed to help kids manage challenging emotions like anxiety and sadness in a healthy, constructive way. With simple, accessible, and fun writing that meets kids on their level, it’s so much fun to learn and grow with Clementine!

40 pages.

Reading level: ages 2-7.