Yogibo Vibroacoustic Chair

Item # 998002
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This bean-filled vibroacoustic chair is a great addition to any sensory room or clinic. The comfy seat cradles and positions any person weighing up to 300 pounds while the interior vibroacoustic system provides full-body relaxation and stimulation. This item is wonderful for providing a calming, full body sensory experience. You can use this chair for occupational therapy, stress reduction, music therapy, quelling hyperactivity, and much more.

The chair is covered with a soft, durable, and washable cover. The interior includes an inner liner that holds all of the foam beads, two low sound frequency transducers and a speaker. 

Size: Size: 32" X 38" X 33"

Includes chair, tablet Olav Skille's original 7 therapeutic frequencies, recommended nature and music from YouTube, and instructions.

Made in the USA!