Write Slant Board

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Do you have a student who struggles with handwriting? Using a slanted surface has been proven to help. This sturdy Slant Board comes in white and features a 20 degree angle perfect for writing. Use it in your special education program, home, or classroom to help users improve reading, writing, motor skills, and more.

Slant boards aid in fine motor development by promoting proper writing posture and shoulder alignment. The slight incline also guides the user's hand into an efficient tripod grip. By tilting the page towards the reader and stabilizing it, the slant board also helps to reduce distractions while aiding in visual tracking.

The sturdy yet lightweight Plexiglas board will support your special students and is sure to last for years of use. The desk friendly 15" x 13" slant board also includes a large metal clip to hold paper as well as non-slip discs to prevent sliding.