For young children, it may be difficult to control their emotions when they get angry. Hurtful words can easily slip out, and strategies are needed for keeping a calm, positive environment and attitude. Teach kids to think about the consequences of their words with Words are not For Hurting.

This simple board book is designed to be used interactively. Kid friendly graphics and simple sentences will help you teach children that words are not for hurting. Kids will learn to pause before speaking and say "I'm sorry" when they use hurtful words.

As they read, kids will also learn to think about how their words affect others, and how they may be used positively instead of negatively. Each page features a helpful picture to reinforce the concepts presented.

Helpful tips at the end of the book will help caregivers reinforce good behavior and gently correct hurtful words. Use this book at home, in the early childhood classroom, or during therapy sessions.

Size: 9 x 9 x .5 inches