The Wooden Fruit & Vegetable Match features 14 pairs of matching fruit and vegetable blocks for kids to match. Each block is made of smooth, sturdy beech plywood and features a full-color produce picture. High quality, all-wood construction ensures this set will last for years of use. Use it to work on matching, sorting, and building vocabulary. These chunky blocks are easy to grasp and manipulate, making this a great activity for building motor skills and coordination.

Each matching pair features one image of the full fruit or vegetable, and one picture of a single slice. Encourage kids to name each match to practice vocabulary, or even group the fruits and veggies by color. This educational activity has so many ways to play! Great for the home, classroom, or therapy center.

Blocks measure 2.8”. Includes 28 blocks.

Size: L: 5.71" W: 5.71" H: 2.56"