When I Feel Afraid

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Many children struggle with fear and anxiety. Scary experiences, concepts, and major changes can all bring about fears that they may not know how to handle. This simple illustrated story will teach young children some simple strategies they can use when they feel afraid. These strategies include talking to a trusted adult, playing with friends or family, thinking about a different topic, and more.

Each page of this book is fully illustrated and uses simple, kid friendly language to convey its concepts. Clear facial expressions allow readers to see and empathize with the book's characters. For young children, you may choose to read through the book together and talk through the concepts, whereas older children may prefer to read on their own and discuss later.

The back of this book includes several tips parents can use to help children when they feel afraid. The goal is to help parents communicate with their child, clarify a situation, and provide comfort. There is also a list of additional resources parents can refer to.

35 pages.