What Do You Say...What Do You Do...?

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This enjoyable board game is a great way to teach students the social skills necessary for interacting with others. Kids will love to talk through scenarios and compete to win! Various social questions cover conversations with peers, family members, and other members of the community.

To win, each player must collect tokens by responding to a location-specific social scenario. Each location is separated into one of six categories based on the version of the game. Choose between school, at-home, and community scenarios.

After landing on a location, the player must read the situation card and respond with what they would say or do. This is a great way to improve kids’ reasoning, conversation, inference, and narrative skills. By working through theoretical situations and improving these skills players can prepare for unexpected and difficult challenges that happen in real life.

The What Do You Say… What Do You Do… Social Skills Games each include one 18” x 18” game board, 144 cardboard home/school/community tokens, 390 color-coded situations cards, 6 token strips, one six-colored die, and 6 character pieces.

Recommended for kids ages 7-14, supports 2-6 players.