Holding pens and pencils can be difficult for some, and even lead to cramping and nerve damage. Designed by a certified physician, this weighted pencil is an OT favorite and is great for reducing hand fatigue and helping writing clarity. Use it to help those who grip their pencils too tightly or suffer from shaky hands.

This product is specially designed with a comfortable, built in grip to help students hold it properly. The grip works for both left and right handed writers. 4.0 oz. of weight is balanced across the hand, further reducing muscle fatigue.

You don't have to worry about the frustration of the lead constantly breaking with this pencil. It uses a 2mm size lead that will not break easily while writing.

Both the grip and pencil are designed by Dr. Lois Provda, an educational therapist with over 20 years of University research and clinical experience.

This set includes an eraser and six lead refills.