Voices Are Not for Yelling

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Being noisy is natural for kids, but many may not realize that there are situations where they must use a quieter voice. Introduce young children to the concept of voice volume with Voices are Not for Yelling. The children you work with will learn that they have an outdoor voice and an indoor voice, and that they must self-regulate their loudness according to the situation.

For many kids, yelling is a natural response to fear, excitement or anger. In this book, kids will will also learn that yelling when they are upset makes it difficult for people to listen and understand them. When a child feels like yelling, instead they can take some deep breaths to calm down so they can use their indoor voice.

The strategies outlined assure children that when they do use their indoor voice, caregivers will listen and respond. You can use this book with toddlers and preschoolers at home or in your early childhood classroom.