Visual Communication Apron Large

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Our Visual communication apron can hold up to ninety 2" X 2" pictures. Great for using in the classroom, at home or in the community! This is a great resource for teachers in busy classrooms. You can easily display and store a variety of images that you can quickly switch out. 

It’s so easy to communicate and provide visual cues with this apron. This apron is sewn with a handy 15" X 8" pocket, making it easy to switch out and store pictures. Arrange pictures ahead of time or switch them out on the fly for a fully interactive tapestry of images. 

The velcro surface allows you to arrange images however you like. Point and guide students through classroom tasks, schedules, teach vocabulary, reading comprehension, counting, and so much more.

Made of Velcro-receptive fabric on the outside and lined with nylon fabric on the inside. 

Dimensions: 18" H x 15" W (at bottom) Note pictures are not included.