Autism Flashcards for ABA Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives

Actions - Verb Flash Cards

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Increase vocabulary and understanding with this verb actions flash card set. Quality photographs of actions, with many against a white back drop make these flash cards perfect for early intervention, VB, ABA programs, speech therapists, teachers or the home.

Learning verbs improves our receptive and expressive speech, enables us to follow directions, and ask for our needs to be met. They are essential to our speech, and the sooner your student learns them, the faster their language will progress.

This set contains 40 actions that we use every day. Each card has a crisp photograph and that depicts the action clearly. Examples include running, jumping, blowing, kicking, eating, swimming, dancing, swinging and so much more. If your student has not yet grasped the concept of actions and verbs, you can be sure they will after using this set.

High quality coated cards and the quality plastic storage box provide lasting value. Each set includes 40 full-color photographs on large 6" x 5 1/2" cards.