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Understand and Care

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Empathy is key to positive, healthy relationships. This book builds empathy in children with clear, child-friendly words and illustrations. Order today!

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Having healthy and positive relationships wouldn't be possible without the essential skill of empathy. However, for many children in can be difficult to imagine what things are like from another person's perspective. This can lead to misunderstandings and conflict that could be avoided with a little compassion and communication. This book is designed to help you build empathy and understanding in children. By establishing a firm foundation early on, this helpful book will give kids the tools they need to establish strong, constructive friendships later in life.

With clear, child-friendly words and illustrations, this guide helps kids to understand that other people have feelings just like theirs and different from theirs. It guides children to show they care by listening to others and respecting their feelings. The text is clear and breaks down the issue into understandable steps. Also includes a section for teachers with questions to discuss and empathy games to play.

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