TriOn Grips Set of 4

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The TriOn is the only invertible pen grip — Large and Medium sizes invert to provide a choice of grip shapes: the Standard (rounded triangle) or the contoured Cloverleaf. TriOn: two grips in one!

Molded of surgical silicon gel (no latex).

Available sizes are Large (18mm external diameter: fits markers/many crayons/thick pens), Medium (12mm external diameter: fits standard pencils and most pens), and Small (6mm external diameter: fits many computer styluses and small craft tools such as watercolor brushes and knitting needles). Stretchy surgical silicon material has enough “give” to slide easily onto the pencil or other tool and remain securely in place.

TriOns are all nestable and stackable, to suit a wide variety of hands and tools.

Developed by our handwriting resource consultant Kate Gladstone. Kate, who is on the autism spectrum, self-remediated her own illegible handwriting while in graduate school, and now runs her own handwriting consulting and tutoring business, Handwriting Repair/Handwriting That Works. She is also the developer of the SuperStyluScripTipTastic Pen and the Stage-Write series of raised-line handwriting papers.

Other uses of the TriOn:

Fine motor skills development: repetitively inverting the TriOn (from Standard to Cloverleaf configurations and back again) is a pleasurable fine motor activity that can be done anywhere, anytime throughout the day.

A classroom-friendly, workplace-friendly, silent fidget: handling and inverting the TriOn is a calming activity: an unobtrusive way to stim.

Visual locator/identifier for pens, pencils, charging cables, extension cords, tablets, phones, keychains, eyeglasses, bookmarks, and many other belongings and assistive devices. Assign each person a different color (or pair of colors), or color-code your cables and extension cords by slipping a different-colored TriOn over either end of each cable or cord.

Abundant uses for creative crafts and projects: stacking, nesting, stringing for all age and skill levels. Older/developmentally more advanced users can create mosaics by using TriOns and silicon glue.