Triangle Grip 12 Pack

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The triangle grip is a tried and true classic pencil grip. Used by teachers and therapists for years they are an easy to use tool that will help your students hold a pencil correctly. Use them to promote the tripod grasp and to help your students better control their pencils. Holding a pencil correctly while also reducing fine motor fatigue. Teachers will appreciate the affordable price and durable nature of this item; it can be used over and over again.

This set of five grips slide easily onto any standard sized pencil. Students love the bright kid friendly assortment of colors they come in. Motivate your students to use them by letting them pick their favorite color. As a bonus, the triangle shape of the grip keeps pencils or pens from rolling off your student's desk. They are so comfortable to use; order today to help your students with their writing. This set includes 12 grips.